AVIATION WEEK was the world's first publication dedicated to flight. In the century since its inception, it has grown into a group encompassing 100 brands.

As the role of business intelligence has changed in the current millennium, Aviation Week has evolved from a b2b magazine, to an omni-channel content provider, to a decision engine complete with real-time information, predictive analytics, and personal networking. For the last eleven years, we have accompanied Aviation Week on that journey, helping reposition the brand and articulate a new model of business intelligence to users and advertisers alike.


Repositioning AVIATION WEEK for the digital age

How do you shift market perceptions of a purveyor of specialized business intelligence from a traditional B2B magazine to an omni-channel content provider?

Answer: by reconceptualizing Aviation Week’s continuous offering of industry-leading news, insights, and information as a stream of intelligence providing an immersive experience with many different points of entry, digital or otherwise. Theme: Step Inside.



Creative development
Brand positioning, messaging strategy, communications platform, and content

Tactical deliverables
Website development, eblasts, print and digital ads, sales presentations, and trade show graphics


The separate brands in the Aviation Week group had grown to comprise  a decision engine with actionable content addressing every possible market need for business intelligence. A unitary brand was needed to reflect this new reality.

From a house of brands to a branded house

How do you integrate 100 highly regarded brands into one umbrella positioning, without losing the equity and individual character of each?

Answer:  retain the original sub-brand names but with a unified look and a continuing visual element. An upward pointing arrow, evocative of a plane in flight, attaches as an exponent to each brand name. Tagline: Onward (the arrow already says Upward!)



Creative development
Brand and sub-brand positioning, brand identity system, messaging strategy, communications platform, and content

Tactical deliverables
Network and sub-brand logos, graphic standards, templates, website development, eblasts, print and digital ads, trade show graphics


Introducing the Aviation Week Network. The aviation, aerospace, and defense industry's most trusted brands are now moving as one force. A multichannel service provider, decision engine, and marketplace, with deep databases and integrated workflow tools that support action. We bring you the power of breadth and the strength of depth to prevail in a challenging and fast-paced industry. Onward!

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