In the life sciences, you’ll find some of the most transformative technologies of our time. They’re also some of the most complex.


As a partner agency for 10 years and over 650 projects, we’ve been helping GE communicate simply and powerfully to scientists and non-scientists alike. It calls for in-depth knowledge of life sciences technology in research, drug discovery, and bioprocess along with a deep understanding of the customer mindset on both sides of the market, academic and business. It also calls for a relentless determination to dig to the core of the subject matter and strip away anything that is not focused on the customer.


Integrated launch campaign for Fortem


The film from which disposable “bags” are made is a critical but often overlooked component of single-use bioprocess technology. To address the inefficiencies of deploying multiple varieties, GE created one platform film, built for bioprocess.

Developing a compliant film that works across the entire single-use production train, with its many specialized bags, is no easy task. It requires in-depth understanding of material science, application performance, and security of supply, along with a substantial financial investment in the future.

How do you wed these four complex topics together into one simple story? We immersed ourselves in the details and came up with a theme that plays off the name of the film, Fortem (Latin for strong): The many strengths of one film. To present the film as hero, we shot it in close-up and, to add a human touch, we showed it being manipulated by hand.



Creative development
Sub-brand positioning, messaging strategy, communications platform, and content

Tactical deliverables
Website development, eblasts, print and digital ads, sales presentations, trade show graphics, video and product photography




East House Creative - idea, script and design. Video footage and post production Phosworks. 


Ideas. Content. Design.


Here’s some of the other work we’ve done as a long-time partner agency of GE. It ranges from one-off tactical communication pieces such as sell-sheets and brochures to integrated strategic campaigns with many different components.



Print and digital
Digital brochures, PowerPoint presentations, eblasts, print and digital ads, direct mail promotions, microsites, sales tools, tradeshow booths and graphics, video and 3D animation

Video: GE Whatman Mini UniPrep

Tradeshow booth: INTERPHEX